3 Quickest Steps to Accumulate Your Wealth

Being wealthy is the desire of everyone. Some people will grow their wealth by saving others by investing in risky businesses with high return on investments . Your path to a higher net worth and financial freedom is more obtainable than you think, but it’s why you need to understand wealth accumulation if you want to succeed.

What is Wealth?

Wealth can be defined as the difference between your assets and your debts. Wealth accumulation means you are increasing your net worth and wealth over time. You are acquiring more money and investing in assets that compound, which help you live a more comfortable lifestyle and achieve financial independence.

What is Wealth Accumulation?

This is a process of increasing your wealth over time. Accumulating wealth may seem difficult and sometimes impossible. With strategies and determination building wealth is simple. You don’t need to earn six figures at the beginning. It is good to note it is not an overnight process. This article will give you some tips to help you accumulate wealth


1. Find Ways to Make Money

Making money is the first stage for those who are starting to accumulate their wealth. A small amount when saved and compounded over time, may grow to a large sum. You need to find some ways of getting money so that you can compound the first time. There are two ways through which you make money, they include; earned income and passive income. Earned income is the pay you receive from your employer. The income is earned by getting involved directly in a certain work. Earned income provide capital to start a passive income.

Having multiple income stream is a the most fundamental step to building wealth. How do you then build your income?

a. Start a business

Starting business guarantee you some wealth building and off course high returns on wealth accumulation. Most wealth people in the world are entrepreneurs. If you have ideas of starting a business you can get started. Even if is a small business, provide the best services to enable increase your income fast. For example, with the increased use of technology you can build your business online.

b. Take a well-paying job

Look for high lank jobs that will increase your income level. If you move on to a new company or look for a new job, don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary for more. While you want to be realistic in your ask, you can push back on any offer to maximize results. Many people increase their income by changing jobs or moving on to different companies. 

c. Exchange your extra time for money

During your extra time you can start a side hustle that will add to your income. Even if you are employed, you cannot only rely on your paycheck. You can turn your hobbies and talents into money.  You can write digital books and sell them through Amazon if you are a writer. You can also start a blog or become a freelance. There are several ways through which you can make income.

2. Save Money

Making money does not guarantee wealth accumulation if you end up spending all of it. Once you satisfy your basic needs then it is time to start saving. Keep in mind, saving small amount leads to huge amount when compounded. To start saving

a. Create a Budget

A budget is a plan indicating the income and expenditures estimates within a given time. It is an important tool for wealth creation. A budget helps decide what to cut in order to decrease your expenses and increase your saving. One of the most popular and effective budgeting techniques is the 50/30/2O rule. This method suggests that 50% of your income goes to essentials, like food, rent and healthcare. 30% allocation goes to non-essentials, such as shopping and luxury activities. The remaining 20% is the most important allocation, which should go to savings. To maintain a feasible budget, it is advisable to create a new one every month. Can you imagine a sailor without a compass? That’s what a person who spends their money without a budget is like. Such a person will likely eventually suffer a devastating financial crash..

b. Minimize your Spending

Overspending affects an individual ability to build wealth. Reduce sending on unnecessary things like regular vacation. Arrange your expenditures based on their level of importance. For example, start by the obvious needs such as food, clothing, shelter and health insurance. Other expenditures can be eliminated.

c. Build an Emergency Fund kitty

Emergency fund kit provides funds for unexpected events. Unexpected events may slow your wealth building process. Once they occur and find you with no finances to cater for them, then the option is selling investment or incurring debts. Once you incur debts your wealth start reducing since you will have to pay interest on the debts. Selling the investment deter you the opportunity of getting the interests on them. To avoid such scenario then a emergence kit is good to go.

d. Arrange for Automatic Saving

One easy way to save each month is to arrange with your employer or bank to automatically transfer a certain portion of every paycheck into a separate savings or investment account. Similarly, you can save for retirement by having money automatically withdrawn from your pay and put into your employer’s 401(k) or similar plan.

3. Invest Your Saving

Once you have accumulated your savings, plan to invest. Investing give your money an opportunity to yield more return. It is the best way of growing your wealth. Spend some times reading on different types of investment to familiarize yourself in order to choose the best that can give a higher return. If you are a beginner, diversify your investment. That’s because investments perform differently at different times. For example, if the stock market is on a losing streak, bonds may be providing good returns. Or if Stock A is in a slump, Stock B may be on a tear.