Financial Affirmations: What to Tell yourself in Order to Attract Wealth

With financial goals that you are to achieve, you need keep yourself on track. Tell yourself financial affirmations daily so as you can boost your energy to work on your financial goals.

Financial affirmations improve your money mindset. It doesn’t matter whether you were taught proper financial management or not, think of yourself taking a turn around of your finances and achieve the financial freedom. Maybe you made financial mistakes earlier, it is not too late you can correct and restore your financial glory.

 Financial affirmations stir your mind and help you take the first step towards repairing your mess. Your money behaviors change by your beliefs that have direct impact on your emotions. Your feelings dictate your behaviors therefore, positive feelings about money enhance your confidence to make sensible financial decision even those that requires you to take risks.

According to the law of attraction, whatever you focus on is what you attract. Meaning, before putting down your goals you have to first see them in your mind and create some mental possibilities.

What are Financial Affirmations?

Financial affirmations are short saying that you keep telling yourself in order to enhance your mindset about finances. Also known as money mantras of money affirmations.

 The affirmations help you feel confidence and positive about finances. No matter the level of your finances, financial affirmations enable you to accept the positivity that brings financial prosperity.

Affirmations can also be used in other areas of our life. They help you overcome the negative feelings and thoughts that hinder progress. Reciting them daily can lead to a positive change of mind, attitude and the way you approach life challenges.

 Why Financial Affirmations?

Financial mantras help you boost the positivity of your mind and your action. It helps eliminate from your mind negative beliefs that hinder financial progress. When you affirm yourself with money mantra, you develop better thoughts for the current situation and give you the possibility of a future success. You don’t need to look at your money situation, keep reciting the financial affirmation and you will see success there off.

Having grasped what is financial affirmations, and why they are vital in achieving our financial goals, lets now look at examples of financial affirmations. Remember, you can tell yourself no matter your money situation.

45 Financial affirmations to attract wealth

Money mindset affirmations

  1. I am meant for financial success
  2. I am going to rise financially
  3. I will be a different person financially this year
  4. I accept financial success
  5. I will conquer my goals
  6. I will not live a poor person, I am on my way to wealth
  7. My money will give me a better life
  8. I am not controlled by money, I control money
  9. Money can change my life
  10. I can be wealthy anytime
  11.  The power to make money is in my hand
  12. I have the power to change my money mindset and become wealth
  13.  I am part of the rich
  14.  Much money doesn’t make me a bad person
  15.  I can build the future that I desire through hard work
  16. Once I get the money, I believe I have the ability to use it
  17.  Positive emotions serve my financial goals
  18.  I can improve my relationship with money
  19.  More money will flow if I have a generous mind
  20.  Money expands life opportunities

Income affirmations

  •  My effort will bring me money
  • I can earn money
  •  I can negotiate my pay
  •  I can also recognize the opportunities for me to make money
  • My income can provide me with opportunities to earn money
  •  My money can change my life and the world
  •  With time I will be rich
  • I deserve fair wage for my skills
  • I can enjoy my life with my money
  • My job is a stepping stone to my financial goals.

Money management affirmations

  • I will budget for my money
  • I will spend my money wisely
  •  I am able to track my expenses
  •  My future will have enough to spend from my savings
  •  My emergency fund will remain intact
  •  I control my expenses
  •  I will make hard financial choices so that I can enjoy in future
  •  I will pay off my debts
  • Debts can never control me, I control them
  •  I spend my money on things that matters to me
  •  Any amount I save, brings me closer to my financial freedom
  •  Can’t stop saving
  •  Financial literacy is part of my program
  •  My income should find a budget
  • My investment should add value to me

Above are some of the examples of financial affirmations. However, creating your financial mantra enables you to get track on your mindset. It will also have a positive impact on your financial situation. Once you create your financial affirmation, you will have a deeper meaning since you can tailor them to your specific needs.

Have them written down, place them where you can access them easily in order to enhance their impact on your mindset. Recite them severally. As you continue focusing on your journey to financial freedom with a positive mindset, you will realize that your effort is reflected through your lifestyle. Meaning, you will find yourself hitting your financial goals quickly.