Financial Vision Board? (Making a Vision Board for your Money

 A vision board is a collage of pictures and phrases that depict things you want to accomplish in your future. It’s basically a visual representation of your hopes and dreams. Its purpose is to serve as inspiration and motivation for working toward your goals.

Financial vision board is designed to visualized your financial goals. Whether it’s saving money, or getting out of your financial goals can be put into visual form.

Financial vision boards are also different because they often utilize charts—such as a savings goal thermometer—that track progress. So, if your vision is to become debt-free, you may include a debt payoff tracker as a part of your financial vision board.

Using a vision board for your financial goals is no different from any other goal. The whole point is to create a physical representation of what you want to accomplish. If you’ve had a hard time reaching your financial goals in the past, this is your article read to the end.

Making a Vision Board for Your Finances

Making a vision board requires you to be clear on your goals. How then do you make a vision board for your finances?

a. Write down your Financial goals

Your financial goals will be the foundation for your vision board. These goals should be very clear so that you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’ll accomplish it.

This very clear description of your goal will make it easier to find a visual representation of what you’re working to achieve. So, you’ll want to have all of your goals written down before you start working on your vision board.

2. Gather Supplies

The next step in creating your vision board is to gather supplies. The great thing about vision boards is that they aren’t expensive to create. You’ll soon realize that you may have some of the supplies that you need laying around your home. Such supplies are images online, scissors to cut images to add on the board, old magazines that you can use to find pictures. The list is long.

You also have the option to create a digital vision board using an online graphic design tool. With this approach, you can find images online and add them to a digital collage. So if you have trouble finding magazines or just want to save on costs, create a digital vision board instead. 3. Find and cut out images that represent your financial goals

This will be the fun part of the process. In this step, you’ll go through the magazines that you’ve collected to find pictures that represent your goals. It’s my favorite part because, in a way, you get to see your future life.

Look for bright, vibrant images of your dream house, car, clothes, whatever you want! It’s your vision board. The important thing is to have your goals with you so that you know exactly what you’re looking for. Anything that inspires you to reach your goals is worth putting on your vision board. So, grab your scissors and start cutting out those images to add to your board.

4. Create your collage

Take a moment to reminisce about your childhood when you made collages in art class. You’ll want to channel that inner child and have fun gluing your images to your poster board. Creating your collage is almost like putting together a puzzle. You have to find where each image fits so that nothing is hidden from view. If some images don’t make it, that’s ok just as long as your overall vision is represented.

You can also make putting your board together an event. Invite your friends over and have a vision board party! Not only will it make creating your board more fun, but you’ll also have people there to hold you accountable for your goals.

5. Review your vision board daily

Now that you’ve created your vision board, take a moment to review it. Is there anything that you want to add? Do you feel motivated? If you haven’t already, add

Once you’ve settled on your final imagery, review it daily. The idea is to imagine yourself having already accomplished or acquired the things on your board. If you can see yourself successful, you will do the work necessary to actually achieve it. Make this a daily practice so that it’s constantly at the top of your mind. Phrases and affirmations that align with your goals.