How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

1.Figure out what you need

The first step is to put down what you want for your future. What are those things you would want to accomplish?

Give your money assignment.

2. Classify your goals as short-, mid- or longterm.

 Use this as your guide to help you complete your financial goals worksheet:

  • Short-term financial goals: six months to five years
  • Mid-term financial goals: five to 10 years
  • Long-term financial goals: more than 10 years

3. Set a target date for each financial goal

Being specific helps, even if you adjust the date over time. If you have a toddler who will be heading to college in 2035, you have a target date for your college savings goal. Want to take a trip across Europe for your 10th wedding anniversary? You know what timeframe you’re working toward.

4. Arrange your financial Goals in order of their priority.

Some wants a critical than others. Once you arrange them in their order of importance, it will be easy to know what to fund first.

5. Determine how much is your income and how much you need to save.

Once you know your income, separate that amount into two. The first part should help you reach your financial goals and the other part used for savings.