How to Improve Your Self Discipline

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you plan and start with a high gear, just to realize the momentum diminishes with time?

I know the story is familiar to most of us.

Other times you feel frustrated and end up falling short.

It is such time; you need to develop new habits that can help you develop discipline to stay on course and achieve your target. Although it is not easy to develop self-discipline, but achieving it helps you change the way you live and how you feel.

 This article is going to show you how you can build your self-discipline so that you can remain on course.

What is Self Discipline?

Self-discipline is the ability to control your feelings and what you do even if you don’t feel like doing it.

 How to Develop Self discipline

Improving your self-discipline is not a one-day activity. It takes hard work, commitment and the willpower to keep you moving.

Once you master the self-discipline, you will have greater sense of happiness and confidence enabling you to live a happy life.

When we come to finances self-discipline is the ability to stick to your plans of paying your debts, investing and saving.

How then do we develop self-discipline?

1. Start by being consistent with the small habits

Its not about doing everything. Success starts with a simple step. To enhance your self-discipline, master the small habits and be consistent with them. whether its saving some amount every month start small. You will be surprised after sometimes the money will have accumulated to a big amount.

You are able to build your confidence in your ability. The results act as an indication that you can do it and that can stick to something. From small achievement you can be able to work on bigger actions such as investing your money in big projects.

2. Set a timer on when to start

Be intentional with your actions. When you feel unmotivated to do a task, try to count from ten, once you reach one, force yourself to start the action immediately. A countdown shifts your mind in the right mental space to enhance your motivation. Sometimes, a little push can help us get started and that how we can improve our self-esteem.

3. Prioritize your activities

  Decide which tasks are worth dedicating the most effort to, then organize your day to totally crush them. If you set a study plan, you’re less likely to procrastinate on the less-than-savory tasks.

4. Avoid distraction and temptations

There are those things that distract or tempt you. Even if you are not able to remove them it is possible to reduce them.

By decreasing the number of things that can derail you, your energy and effort are spent on important tasks. You’ll have the self-discipline to stay focused and work on the right things.

Removal is one of the main keys to improving self-discipline because it allows you to have better control of your habits. By creating an environment that encourages you to stay on track, you’ll be in a better position to achieve your goals.

5. Have friends to hold you accountable

Having a friend to share your goals with can help you hold yourself accountable.

If you’re ever struggling with staying disciplined, you can lean on your sponsor for support. You’ll also have someone to relate to, whether you’re discussing successes or failures

And while you’re at it, you can help your friend hold themselves accountable, too.

6. Don’t focus on failure, keep going

You’re not going to be perfect. Building self-discipline is a lifelong journey. You’ll get better at following through on your actions and goals. However, perfection is impossible.

When you experience failure, get back up and keep going. It’s also important to forgive yourself and don’t use failure as a reason to stop.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Achieving goals, changing, and building new habits are difficult. Naturally, you’ll want to stay in your comfort zone. Applaud yourself for your commitment to building self-discipline and keep going. You may not reach your goals in the timeframe that you’d like. There’ll be hiccups and mishaps along the way. As long as you have a solid plan to get there and work around things, you’ll reach it.


It is possible to make progress and achieve your goals if you are self-disciplined. Taking steps towards building self-discipline is much easier than you think.

Once you improve your self-discipline, it is likely that you will focus on your expectations and win.