How to Make Money on YouTube 2022: 8 Best Strategies

YouTube platform has become popular with over 1billion hour watch daily. The immense popularity has transformed it from just being an entertainment platform to a monetization tool for personal brands and is an appealing program where a person can make money.

 Manny youtubers are getting millions of dollars by doing what they enjoy. Most of then upload videos in the comfort of their home, and make money from that. You may not start by making million dollars on YouTube, but there is still much money to be made on YouTube.

If you are interested in making money on YouTube, you need to get started. You start by creating a website to host your video. Let’s discuss further on this topic.

Before you engage on YouTube matters, you need to understand how YouTube work and the tactics that will help you earn money.

To get started, create a channel to host your video. It is not automatic to earn money when you post content on YouTube. You must enable monetization settings in your account. Enabling these settings puts you in a place where you can make money.

It is also good to note that, you can make money from your channel even without having millions of subscribers. The way to do this is by providing relevant content that target your audience. It is made possible by doing a study about your audience needs. Once you understand your audience, find ways to prompt them to click, subscribe, comment and share.

How Much Money can you Get from YouTube? (YouTube Superheroes)

You may be wondering whether you can make enough on YouTube for it to be a fulltime job. The answer is yes. Many people have succeeded in this area.

It is wise to know that Google pays68% of their AdSense revenue to the video creator. That means that for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google will pay you $68.YouTube advertiser on the other hand pays an average of $0.18 per view of their ads. Meaning, on average, you can earn $3-5 per 1000 video views. Other earnings you get from your YouTube monetization strategies depends on your effort in marketing.

There are YouTube Superheroes who have made a living from YouTube money.

Lets explore further different ways of making money on YouTube.

1. Become a YouTube partner

Once you start a YouTube channel, you can join the YouTube partner program so as to get access to specialized monetization features.

How to Become a YouTube partner

Step 1: Be compliant with the guidelines- once you apply for the program the youtube will review your channel for compliance. Your content will be reviewed regularly as you grow your channel to enable you make money.

Step 2: Ensure you meet the YouTube partner requirement.

Being a partner requires you to have a total of 4,000 watch hours of video over 12 months, and at least 1,000 subscribers.

Step 3: Apply and join the partner program

Provided you meet the necessary requirements, you can submit an application to join the program following these steps:

  • Go to the top right of the YouTube homepage. Click your account icon and select Creator Studio.
  • On the left-hand side, click Channel. Then, select Status and Features.
  • Under the box that says Monetization, click Enable.
  • Agree to the YouTube Partner Program Terms

Step 4: Set up AdSense account

Ensure you set an AdSense account with your details to ensure you will get paid once you start earning money from your videos. You can only have one account, therefore if you have multiple channels you will need to link them in the same account.
Step 5: Get reviewed

Once you’ve applied to be a YouTube Partner and set up an AdSense account, your channel will be put in a queue for review. At this point, both automated systems and humans will check your channel for full compliance with the guidelines.

Step 6: Explore your monetization options

If you’re accepted by YPP, you can now choose your ad preferences from different YouTube monetization options.

2. Promote your products and services and make sales

YouTube having much traffic, it is effective in promoting personal businesses. It is likely that you will make sales if you have many fans following. With YouTube you can be able to share your expertise and insights that enable build trust and rapport with customers.

3. Drive traffic to website and blog in order to make sales

When creating the YouTube videos, you can include links to your blog or website and YouTube will send traffic to you. The more traffic to your blog, the more the money you make through all your monetization methods. You can also embed the video on your website. Further, your video can be shared on social media for more exposure.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you do not have your own products, you can promote other business products through affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you include the link to a company website that sells the product being promoted. You can also review and demonstrate the products on your channel as a way of promoting it. When people buy from the company using that link, you’ll get commissions from the sales.

5. Sell Ads or Create a sponsored content

With good traffic, you can become an influencer and make money with sponsored content. Similarly, you can sell ad space and make money. To sell ads or get a sponsorship, you’ll need to reach out to brands with a proposal. Once you introduce yourself to them, share about your YouTube channel and the level of engagement in terms of views, subscriptions, likes and comments. Explain how you can help the company to increase their sales through your channel.

6. Crowdfunding

This is the practice of collecting money from people who have interest in your project. This is a way of making money on YouTube if you are looking for support to jumpstart your effort. The funding depends on your topic and benefits the crowdfunded donors get in exchange.

In most cases, the channel owner offers different rewards to people based on the level of contribution.

Crowdfunded money may be earned regularly to help a YouTube owner to improve the content for more money contributed.

7. Fan funding

it is a way of earning money on YouTube from your fan. This is how you make money through fan funding on YouTube.

  1. Start a live stream and enable SuperChat for fun funding
  2. Promote the channel membership. Your audience will access the members only exclusive content and benefits, which can include badges, custom emoji, and live chats with you.
  3. Encourage your audience to become YouTube Premium members. This way, you get paid each time they watch your channel.

8. License to the media

Most content doesn’t go viral. When it does, however, many news outlets want copies so that they can replay it to their audience. In this case, you can make money by licensing it to the media and charging them a license fee for permission to use it.

Final thoughts

Once you are able to build a YouTube channel, explore different ways to make money as a youtuber. Always feed your channel with quality videos and optimize them with YouTube SEO.  Try and use an effective strategy to direct many people to watch your content.