Types of Investments

1. Buying Stock

Buying share is one of the best investments to build your wealth. Buying share makes you one of the owners of the company. Any rise in the price of the share, earns you some returns in form of divided. Though they may be riskier than other investments, they give the best return on investment. When you buy stock, you own a tiny slice of that company and will benefit from any rise in its share price as well as any dividends it pays out. Stocks are generally seen as riskier than bonds, but stocks can also vary widely in risk from one corporation to another.

2. Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments give you a chance to build your wealth without a direct involvement. You build wealth by acquiring real estate where they rent to people or rehab and flip for a profit. This may require more upfront money and knowledge, but real estate can be huge to skyrocketing your overall net worth.

 You can also buy stock in real estate company that buy and sell properties. Mortgage companies also fall into this category. You gain returns every time the value of the company increases.

3. Mutual funds Investment

These are pools of securities—often stocks, bonds, or a combination if the two. When you buy mutual fund shares you get a slice of the entire pool. Mutual funds also vary in risk, depending on what they invest it.

4. 401(k)

A 401 (k) is a defined contribution retirement account that employers offer their employees. You can dedicate a percentage of your pre-tax salary to this account by signing up for automatic deductions from your paycheck. Your employer can also match your contributions.

The investment earnings in a traditional 401(k) grow tax-deferred until withdrawn. If your employer offers it, you should take advantage of it. Though this is not a fast method on its own, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your wealth can increase if you combine it with other strategies.