Why You Should Take the Risk: Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

In most time we seem to be content in our comfort zone. If we are able to step out of this situation, we can make life different. Life is full of opportunities and the only way to realize them is by stepping out of the comfort zone and take the risk. If you ignore taking the risks, many chances will by-pass you.

Taking risk may be scary at the beginning, but once you do it severally, you gain some confidence.  You need to embrace discomfort and get started by doing the following.

1. Start small

Opportunities may be many, but you can only start from the point where you are. Having little amount to put in a risky project is okey for a start. If you want to engage in risk-taking, then you need to start small.

For example, if you need to quit your job, that seem to be a huge risk to you. You can start by thinking of the small moves you can take towards achieving that. Perhaps, you can start by finding a side hustle that can yield you some amount to sustain you after you quit the job.

You can also start practicing taking risk with people of your level. Get into a group of people who are also willing to start small like friends and family members. For example, if you intend to buy a property, you can set the amount to contribute every month towards that. Within time you will have accumulated enough to take that one risk you have ever desired.

2. Get the right people to share your goals towards taking the risk

You can’t go sharing your goals with every person you meet. Surround yourself with people who embrace your ideas. Such people will encourage you and will also be there for you in case your risk bounce.

For example, if you intend to leave your job and engage in a side hustle, share with people who are positive. Avoid people who pull you behind by their negative mind.

3. Find out what is holding you back

If you find yourself not sure whether to take that risk or loose it, it is the right time to assess what could be holding you back. Every time you feel stuck, know that you want to take the risk but something could be holding you back and maybe, you are not ready for it.

Start by writing down what you want to do. Ask yourself why you want to do that. Take sometimes by taking a journey of your emotions so as to get the reason why you are stuck. Putting down the pros and the cons, may help you see clearly the true picture. It’s likely that, the obstacles you may have thought earlier are not as massive as you thought. You can at least have one step to take and overcome your fears of taking that opportunity.

4. Take the risks severally

Practice taking the risk regularly. The risks may involve small steps but it helps you to embrace the results even when they turn against you. Off course, from all the risk you undertake, there are those that gives you positive results. Such risks encourage you to keep moving and soon you will be a pro.

5. Trust your instinct

Your instinct is a powerful element when making decision hence should not be ignored. If your instinct tells you there is something good from a given risk, trust the instinct and go for it. it could be a life changing result that can bring a turnaround in your life. Why not try it?

Winding up

Move from your comfort zone and take that risk or you lose that chance. You can’t just wait to be successful if you are not taking that risk. There are several benefits of taking risk that can help you overcome your fears. Start small, know what is holding you back, trust your instinct and take that risk.